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March 14, 2007




You are beatiful! Really really really beatiful! I was planning to sleep 2 hours ago, but you kept me looking at your eyes since than! Welcome Zaracan!

Well, you don't know me yet, do you? I'm a friend of your father sweet Zaracan. Not very old friend, we don't see very often, don't write very often; but still GOOD friends. We just don't get in contact very often on purpose; this way it's more exciting, emotional and dramatic when we find each other again, and we Turks love those things. For example: look at this, I haven't seen or talked to your father for years now and I don't know how will I be able to sleep tonight, after seeing you and your family!

Let me first tell you about your father Zaracan; as I know him longer than you do, these tips might help. First of all, becareful, he's getting bigger and bigger. You should excersize him more often. He eats everything, doesn't he? Size bigger but no change about his hair situation (as you have probably observed during your head inspection) Another thing: he's not good with electronics and computer things. He certainly got better though as he managed to put your lovely pictures here, didn't he? (But no pictures from Prague means probably he hasn't reached the level of scanning anything.) Well, still, I'm pretty sure you can easily beat him on fifa.

Also let me tell you about me and Zofie. Well, the biggest news is: Zofie is pregnant! It will be 3 of us by October. We're very very excited (remember? we love excitement!) We don't know yet if it will be a beatiful girl like you or a boy. But! Don't tell Zofie's family, ok? They don't know yet. They will be visiting us in May, and we're planning to tell when they are here. Other news: I have been working in a drug company for 2 years and now we're moving to Istanbul. We're having a difficult time Zaracan. I'm in Istanbul now, Zofie still in Izmir until June (because of her job in th University), very expensive city, started thinking if I made a mistake accepting this position (which looked like a promotion, but left my family, all my friends, and my city Izmir behind), I miss her, worried about her, have to find a new flat, Zofie has to find a new job, etc etc. So, I'm little depressed these days. Anyway, we'll manage! :)

Tomorrow morning, I'll send your website's address to Zofie. I'm sure she'll be watching you all day! :)) Take care lovely Zara!

Uncle Ozgur



I haven't got the command of English or Urdu yet Ozgurcan...... Butyou have explained Daddy/Babba exactly.
We are in Pakistan visting my Grandparents (Nanna and Nanni) until mid April on holiday. When I am back we could girgle on the phone or maybe do a webcam. I think Daddy can use that!
And Congratulations on your new one.He/she might arrive on my Daddy's Birthday Oct 15th?

Take care Lovely Ozgurcan

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